Book Review: The Girl in The Mirror by Steven Ramirez

“It was the screaming that woke Sarah Greene. Her screaming. Sitting up, she tried calming her jackhammering heart by using a breathing technique she’d learned from a psychologist years ago.”
  • Rating: 4
  • Published in: June 2019
  • Read in: December 2020

Book Review: The Girl in The Mirror by Steven Ramirez

Real estate agent Sarah Greene and her business partner and ex-husband Joe start renovating an old house in Dos Santos when they stumble upon a mirror. Sarah, gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits- although she doesn’t always see it as a gift, discovers that there is a teenaged girl’s restless spirit in the mirror. As she delves deeper to find out who killed the poor girl, she discovers that the people who built this house had a demon-worshipping son named Peter, and he quickly becomes Sarah’s number one suspect. But as she continues to dig, she starts to realise that perhaps Peter is part of a much bigger, very chilling picture in Dos Santos.

As a fan of anything supernatural and murder mysteries, I really enjoyed The Girl in The Mirror. I particularly liked the author’s writing style. Steven Ramirez, who used to be a screenwriter, writes in a way that made me feel like I was watching an episode of a murder mystery TV show, and I could see the story unfolding as if it was in front of my eyes. There was a time near the beginning where I thought I had already solved the case, but I quickly learned I had not with the revelation of a new twist, which there were a lot of. The twists and turns kept me guessing all the way through.

Steven Ramirez has a strength in writing relatable characters that you really care about. I loved the protagonist. She’s funny, witty, and flawed, and I really liked the way the author showed us her thought processes. It was as if we were inside her head, seeing things from her perspective. This made me feel a connection with Sarah, and so I rooted for her all the way. She also likes Weezer, cats and coffee, so I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends in real life!

The Girl in The Mirror is more of a supernatural mystery/suspense story than a conventional horror story, so it wasn’t incredibly scary, but it was very suspenseful and there really were times that I felt spooked. The occult has always been an area of horror that makes me feel very uneasy, and the author used it very well in this book.

Overall, I really enjoyed this first instalment of the Sarah Greene Mysteries series. There was suspense, a creepy atmosphere, humour, and a great cast of characters. The central mystery was solved by the end of the book, but it’s clear that there is an underlying plot and there are questions that will be answered in the following books in the series. I definitely want to know more and this great introduction to the series has certainly sold me on the next instalment.

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